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Monday, July 18, 2016

Dip Dip Dipped-It’s the Chemo Bed - Poem from CAN under Celebrating Cancer

Dip Dip Dipped
It’s the Chemo Bed
Intoxication Fed
Spins in my head

Evening I am home
Coconut water ‘n’ drums
Lick your cake say yum
Girls, one by one,
Kanishka, Gudiya and
Dance to rhythm.

Music going crazy
With Toshy and Koshy
Camera, Ajay and Ali
Dance – after centuries.
Ever since it raised its hood
Give up party, give up laughter
Give up all your favorite food
But no more
Alive once more
I am living, I am pumping
I have an iron core
I am drunk on my life
I want it all the more
And, hope wins over the death!
English Translation- Swapnil Dixit

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