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छम्मकछल्लो की दुनिया में आप भी आइए.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Popcorn Breasts- from CAN-समरथ

CAN-समरथ- कविता संग्रह अपने अंतिम चरण में है। छम्मकछल्लो खुश है। जीवन के एक उद्देश्य को उसका रूप मिल रहा है। आप भी इसमें शामिल होइए। तबतक पढ़िये एक कविता- इस संग्रह से। ईसका हिन्दी रूप भी मिलेगा। फिलहाल अँग्रेजी में और इसका youtube लिंक है-

Breast cancer is spreading
Like springy popcorn,
Here, there, everywhere,
Unmitigated, uninterrupted.
Beloved, loved ones,
Relatives, friends,
Mother, sister,
Sister-in-law, wife, even one's neighbour.
Sister, grandmother, none spared,
None untouched,
By a malady untouchable.
Once it arrives, we look for reasons!
Was it the lifestyle? Stress?
Late marriage? Delayed pregnancy?
Having just one or may be two kids?
Did you get regular breast exams?
Doctors and specialists are stumped!
Can't determine causes, and
Answers don't come that easy.
Each one with their unique symptoms.
They ask, how did it happen?
If only we knew the answer,
Wouldn't we have tied a bundle,
Carried it to some mountain peak,
Or to the bottom of some abyss,
And dumped it there?

Our popcorn beads of cancer??

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