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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

नाट्य कार्यशाला के रंग- फिनलैंड के बच्चों के संग

And kids opened their wings like birds…

AVITOKO has conducted a 5 day theatre workshop for the kids of Stiener School, Espoo, Finland. This school itself works in a very innovative manner and believes teaching to kids in a non- conventional method, where children are allowed to learn any thing as per their choice.

In day 1, kids were given a lesson of forming the group by the games of clapping and making circle followed by other physical activities. These activities erased inhibitions and hesitations among kids and they became open. By nature, Finnish people are a little shy and so the kids too. Opening up excercises had removed their hesitation and they stated behavibg in more open manner. The last step was meditation. It affected their minds and soul so beautifully, that every day they kept asking, when we will go for meditation. Some other kids joined the group after lisning from their frinds that the activities of workshop are very interesting.

In day 3, inputes based on an Indian folk tale on ‘Self Help:Best Help’ was given along with the action related with the story, which kids picked up very fast. In spite of language barriers, they learnt every thing in a very professional way. It made AVITOKO’s belief stronger that theatre has its own language and spoken language becomes meaningless, while interacting in theatre language.

On day 4 & 5, they exercised on this quite well and polished it alon with other exercises based on voice, group, self, theatre techniques etc.

During all 5 days, Kids enjoyed this workshop in a manner that they were waiting eaerly to start this workshop and never wanted to leave the place.

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