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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

अवितोको की पेंटिंग कार्यशाला फिनलैंड मे

Painting with foot in Art Workshop for kids of Steiner School, Espoo, Finland.

With the philosophy of ‘RANG JEEVAN’ (Art & Thatre for Life), AVITOKO had conducted a 1 day art workshop for the kids of Stiener School, Espoo, Finland. Two methods were applied and found extremly innovative and exploring.

In method 1, no hands were used while painting. Kids were given a total enjoying, colorful HOLI (a festival of India, where people play with colors) mood to enjoy this workshop with the concept of AVITOKO’s ‘Learning with Fun.’

In this method, shoes, socks of kids were taken out. Drawing sheets were spread over on the floor. Different water colors were dissolved in different trays and kids were asked to pour their feet in these colors and jump on the sheets. While jumping and dancing, different shapes were printed out on the sheets. With the result, multi colored, multi shape impressions were appeared on the sheets, leaving very innovative, very enjoying impressions.
In method 2, kids were given some woolen thread to dip in different colors and throw them in a way of ‘as it is, where it is.’ Different colors’ threads with the sprinkle of colors again gave a multi colors reflection of their work. Needless to say, how much they enjoyed in the workshop.