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Friday, October 5, 2007

अवितोको की कला प्रदर्शनी फिनलैंड में

AVITOKO’a Art Exhibition in Finland

AVITOKO had exhibited the work of art prepared by ‘special’ group of people during the festival of COLOR OF INDIA, 2007. The work of art were made by people in various art workshops, conducted by AVITOKO time to time. The medium used in the work of art were poster colors, crayons and mix media, where bits of papers, bits of cloths were also utilized to form the art and design.

Appearance of these paintings in bright colors were diplayed in 4 sections of various people belong to ‘special’ group. The exhibitions became the centre of attraction of the festival.

Through its philosophy of RANG JEEVAN (Art & Theatre for Life), AVITOKO has successfully created a belief that talent is not the sole property of any individual. Right time with right opportunity and right perspective creates an enthusiasm among the people towards art, theatre, literature etc and provide an opportunity for expressing one’s creative spirirt and self. It also provide an opportunity to wipe out inhibitions of people too. Along with work of art, AVITOKO had displayed the greetings cards etc also prepared by ‘special’ group of people.’

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